BGS-XX-STD Repair and Calibration Ends January 1, 2013

Brasch Manufacturing began shipping BGS-XX-STD gas detectors in February, 2000. Production of these units ceased in January, 2003 with the introduction of the GSE product line. Except for the RF and CD models, this series is at least 9 years old. Due to dwindling availability of parts and time consuming calibration methods, we will no longer offer recalibration or repair of these detectors after January 1, 2013. What this means is that any BGS-CM-STD, BGS-ND-STD and BGS-NCM-STD detectors or any BGS-CM-TRNS, BGS-ND-TRNS and BGS-NCM-TRNS transmitters that require calibration or repair must be replaced with the current GSE-XX-L0 or LL0 detectors or GSE-XX-TRNS transmitters.

Please notify your customers of this at your earliest convenience to enable them to send obsolete detectors for recalibration or repair before the deadline.